Project Dandelion蒲公英の計畫
bloom on third life, here I come !


指導老師:Tiago Costa

“Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.”
Life after retirement never was a terminal station, but a brand new beginning to bloom on, laugh on.

Heading on to your third life? Welcome to our long-stay village, Project Dandelion – Site Wulai, a prototype indoctrinating the notion of“successful aging”, and encouraging people to form a good habit of living on their later years.


Unlike the long-stay buildings nowadays that are independent and a distance from the local tribes, to increase the interactions between neighbors, I claim harmful, scattered volumes, forming vertical connections right on top of the local housings. Not to specialize the visitors, but to let them integrate into the village.

Satisfying different types of family structures, there are three forms of the lodging volumes, the single for individuals, the double for couples, and clusters for 4-5 people that tend to social.